Monday, September 19, 2016

a great opportunity to help a small home orphanage.

At one of the small home orphanages we work with, they are bursting at the seems .. they have about 14 kids living there now, and are quickly running out of space.  On the property they have this structure that was started many years ago by a team that had come .. long before we have been here , and it has sat unfinished.  They are hoping to be able to finish this building so that it could be used as a pantry, for storage , for clothing and washing, as well as a room that could be used when  child shows up in the middle of the night .  this would free up the space they need in side .  Originally when we were pricing this project out about 6 or 7 years ago,  it was going to cost about $7000.  but since that time, we have developed relationships with good contractor, and we have the boys at the farm that can help with  lot of the work. Also the director has been able to source most or the materials from local donations.  What is needed to complete this building for them is $800. 

We would be ready to begin construction on this project in about a month .. which is about the amount of time it takes a donation to make it through the banks and tax receipts registered.. If anyone is interested in this , please let us know and we can start getting ready. 

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