Tuesday, February 16, 2016

the last week

So I started this post at 8:30 this morning , and am still working on it at 9:30 at night.. It has been one of those days, getting caught up on so many things.  So here is a little recap of the last week. 

We have been able to touch base with so many great supporters of the work in Kyrgyzstan since returning to Canada last week ..  starting with a visit with our friend Ed and his wife ..

Ed  from Loads of Love was so gracious , especially when his order was mixed up and this is what he got , which only seemed that much worse beside mine 

It was great to see Sam and Vee from Possibilities International .. No trip home would be complete with out seeing them 

Benjamin was out to the Taste of the Nations on Sunday night to sing for us 

Mean while back on the farm the animals are doing great .. they were out to enjoy some time in the sun when he weather warmed up a bit 

Goats are really doing well too .. 

This is a print of a painting Emma did, so she was able to sign it this week .. We had such a nice visit with our friend Kim and Paul 

More photos from the taste of the Nations .. it was such a great evening 24 different foods from 18 different nations and close to 150 people in attendance 

This was a Kyrgyz dinner we cooked in Brantford , enjoyed spending time with many of our friends there .. looking forward to seeing many of them in Kyrgyzstan soon 

and a little fun on the ice for Family day 

Great friends and supporters from over the years .. 

and of course our good friend Ron who was he one who brought us to Central Asia the first time .. so its his fault 

We are so excited o have a sponsor for a green house at the farm.  We will begin construction in a couple weeks .. this photo is our friend who we are hoping to head up this project for us a he has had years of experience with Green houses 

More great news, we have had a Grant come through for the new roof on the Baby hospital clinic, as well as some more from a sponsor in the US, so we will begin this project in a couple weeks as well 
We also had several spring projects sponsored by friends in Germany .  they are putting on a new roof on the boys house, a new fence , a couple cows, a milking machine, a trailer for the truck , and almost there with a expansion on the ban for a cow shelter .. for that they have just $491 US.  to go.  so far this has been sponsored through a German charity site, but if anyone would like to help with this, you can use the donate button on the right and in the memo put "COW SHED" and we will be able to give a ta receipt in Canada or the US.  
Here is a link to their page if you want to follow the progress of this fund raiser. 

Today We had a Chat with Aiperie.  She and her husband are living in Pakistan right now as he is attending medical collage.  she is expecting, and is having some other health concerns, and would like to move back to Kyrgyzstan to be with her mom during this time.  Her husband will finish School and then join her at a latter date .  It is going to cost around $800 to get her back to Kyrgyzstan.  I told her I would figure out a way to get her home . this is another opportunity to help if anyone felt so inclined, we would sure appreciate anything you could do. 

We have about half of he kids from the farm starting drivers education next week. We will do half at a time so that some are around to keep the farm going while the others are in the city for classes each week .. This is such a big step for them and an opportunity that many orphans dream about .. we are so blessed to see them through this as part of their life skills .. a special thank you to sponsors who invest in our kids ..   

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