Saturday, November 07, 2015

Lots on the go today.

Lots going on In Kyrgyzstan Today.  The Hospital has received some local funding to begin phase 2 at the hospital. The Funding has come in for materials on the condition that we continue to cover the labour and over see the project.  This second phase will see a procedure room, a sterilising room for hospital equipment , a furnace room, and the rooms that will be washrooms in phase 3.   Vlady is overseeing everything, and we have some of our guys from the farm doing the labour.  

Out at the farm, our new family has arrived, and the father and older son are busy painting and organising the inside for the rest of the family.  We have had a donation that will help them to get settled, but we will leave it open for more donations if anyone was wanting to help them out. 

Over at the base farm, we have a conference going on this weekend.  It is an awesome opportunity for all or kids.  Friends from KANCHA   a business making cool  leather computer skins, cell phone jackets and wallets,   have come out to the farm and are teaching the kids about budgeting and starting a business.  After the basic seminar, the kids will be divided into three groups.  They will be given a task to come up with a business proposal for a winter project at the farm, with a start up budget of 10 000 com ($200 CN).  Then when they will each present their idea, and the top idea will be given a grant of 10 000 com, and they will all work to implement the plan over the next few months ..  

That is certainly enough to grab everyones attention ..   What a great opportunity this is for the kids .  coming from an orphanage , they have very little experience or even understanding of budgeting , so this will be such a valuable life skill for them. 

This is such a blessing for me to see others come along side and want to invest in the kids.   

 Take a minute and go back and check out some of the cool things on the KANCHA  web site. You might find something you like, and its great to know that you are supporting  business that wants to make a difference .. thank you Kancha for pouring into the kids .. 

Tomorrow morning they will be bringing more hay up to the bulls in the mountain , and the first bull of the season will be butchered and sold off for meat.  We have a small fund that will purchase what meat we can not sell with each cow, and this extra meet will be donated to the orphanages and institutions. This way we don't have to have the complete cow sold before we butcher it .. and the kids will all benefit from the meat.  This is another area that we are always open to receive support if someone would like to help bring meat to the kids this winter.

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