Friday, November 13, 2015


 I wanted to give a little recap about the hospital project.  Over the last 6 or seven years we have been working closely with the baby hospital.  Mainly we provide the formula and any other needs for abandoned babies that are in their care.  This has also lead to may projects in the hospital .  We have done extensive renovations there , new floors, walls ceilings , electrical and plumbing.  We have also replaced the old beds and a lot of the medical equipment such as the ventilators, and emergency response kits.  Last year we ere able to focus on a lot of the health and safety issues such as proper hand wash sinks and sterilising equipment.  With all the upgrades . the hospital has become very popular and as a result people are now travelling a long way to come for care here.  When they arrive at the hospital, they had no proper exam room or waiting room.  People would wait in the hall and outside for their turn to be seen .  then they would be examined in the small administration office on the desk or the couch.  

A few years ago we were asked if we could put a small addition on the side of the hospital for a waiting room .  We agreed , and the idea went to the planing commission , we had to get the approval of many areas , such as power, water, sewer, planing comity, ministry of health, and local government , then have engineered plans presented .. Ever step of the way the plans changed and grew, until we went from a small waiting room to a large free standing clinic.  The new structure made sense, it had a sterilising room for equipment, something needed buy the entire hospital, it had a procedure room, a waiting room, an exam room, and public washrooms as well as a small utility room. all in all it was all very well thought out, and were much needed.. the problem was that it was not the small waiting room we had agreed to fund.  

Rather frustrated, I was ready to pull the plug when Vlady pointed out that in Kyrgyzstan things take longer then I am used to and it did not have to happen all at once.  This could be a long term project.  That made sense to me so we divided it into stages , #1 build the waiting room and exam room, #2 build the rest of the building , #3 put a roof on, and finally #4 finish the inside and furnish . 

So last summer and fall we worked on the first phase and were open before Christmas.  for this we used a shipping container , this would give us the solid structure that was enclosed and secure while we had time to build the rest of the building .  We insulated and covered the outside with bricks, and used thermal windows.  Next we drywalled the inside and put in a drop ceiling .. you would never know there was a container in there .  at the same time we poured the full foundation so that we were ready for the next phase .   That's were the money ran out.  We had completed what we had originally agreed to, but there was still so much more needed .  I have been trying to find people interested in helping us with the next phase , but have not had much success despite showing the project to many.  A couple weeks ago I was talking to the hospital director and she had some great news.  She had a few in country donations from local business men, and from the Mayors office that could be used for materials if we would agree to continue covering the labour and over seeing the project.   

We have gone ahead and agreed to this, and the work has started right away .  My guess is that this will cost about $600 for the professional labour.  We will be able to keep that cost this low because a lot of the labour we will be able to do with our kids from the farm.  We are excited that this next phase that would have been about 7 or 8 thousand, we will be able to do for $600.. we just need to find the sponsor..   If you know of anyone that would like to be a part of such a huge project for such a reasonably small investment , please let me know .   

 I am reminded what a friend said "The calling does not follow the resources, BUT the resources MUST follow the calling "  .. so with that we have moved forward and the walls are going up .. 

Vlady and Dr Anara showing the approved plans the day we start construction
pouring the foundation 

the container arrives 

putting up the brick veneer 

putting the seismic belt on the top 

the waiting room furnished and in use 
a couple days ago the bricks arrive and the boys carried them and put them in place

interior walls going up and the double brick and block  wall exterior under way 

the back brick wall is almost completed 

There are so many projects that we are involved with in Kyrgyzstan. The orphanages, hospitals, the farm, the seniors home , education operations ... they all are projects that help specific people right way .. they are what I would call "reactive" .. we react to a specific need .. As rewarding as that can be, it can get to you .. always on the edge facing down problems that otherwise have no solution.. This project for me represents real HOPE .. it says that we are in a place hat we will not only react, but will be "proactive".. solving a problem or helping a need BEFORE it is in that emergency situation.  This project has already directly effected hundreds of people, that at the time, they did not even know they would need it .. the cool part is that this will positively effect people and even save lives for thousands, if not tens of thousands in the many years to come .. THAT'S AWESOME... and that's why it brings me HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT 

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