Monday, November 16, 2015

and life goes on

This weekend We brought more hay to the mountains for the cows.  We have to make sure that we have the winters hay in before the road closes for the winter. 

On the way up to the mountain, Jengish handed Roma the envelope with the cash, and made him figure out how much it would be for the hay and the transportation, then count out the money to pay the driver .. Not something he would have experience with growing up in an orphanage.    He then single handed, unloaded the hole truck ... 

the cows at the farm are doing great .  giving lots of milk. 

Our newest family is settling in nicely into house 5 , they have travelled from a difficult situation, and are so blessed to have such a nice home waiting for them.   A couple ladies from town came out to see them and help them settle in .  This brings us up to 16 people living out at the farm, and another couple in school that come out holidays and weekends.

Back at house three,  Acel is here for a couple days to cover for Aigula.  She, Emma and Alina are making pasta for lunch.  Now that things are slowing down, we have Aigula going to our apartment a couple days a week to get a little down time, and we have others taking turns holding down the fort .. Now that Jengish is milking the cows while she is away, he is thinking it would be a great idea to get a milker ..hahaha 

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