Friday, October 02, 2015


After 35 days and nearly 800 km, Julie and Acel have arrived in Santiago and have completed THE WAY.   

At the end of the trip, they have received there Compestelo that registers them as officially completing the pilgrimage 

Such an exciting moment for them .. 

After getting their certificates, they went to the Cathedral.  Once a week, custom has it that a huge incense ball is swung through the cathedral to mask the oder of the Pilgrims who have walked all that way .  The girls timed their trip so that they would arrive on a day that the ball was swinging ..

Tomorrow they will take a bus to finistare for a day of R &R before making the journey back to Paris. 

Back in Kyrgyzstan, we are almost finished the women's shelter and all the different business opportunities that involves, and Tonight we are hosting a team there . 


We wanted to have everything up and running by the time the girls completed the Camino.. no real pressure other then self imposed , but its good to have a target.

The kids all worked hard to have everything come together for today .. not just completing the projects, but getting ready for the team 

Making a salad for lunch 

 Misha giving the barn a god cleaning .. Dominic .. this sure is getting a good work out .  

The barn looks great , and despite what you might think , our pigs love to be clean .. 
Sunflower seeds were soak  in a salt bryn then are out to bake in the sun before bagging up for sale 

the bread is ready to go into the ovens

After lunch and a trip to the Baurana tower, we took all the kids to the mountain fishing. 

It was a much happier day then when this photo was taken a couple years ago. I love the concentration in there faces above, do you think they have anything in mind other then setting that hook ... 

We then went back home and while the evening chores were being done, we cooked the fish and made a salad, potatoes and a nice fruit salad for desert .

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