Friday, October 23, 2015

Down to the wire .

Yesterday I was telling you a bit about the small businesses that we are setting up at the farm .  Today when we were out there with some guests, they had 3 blankets that were finished, and two were sold .. so that was cool to have there first sales 
Aizada and Aigula with there first sales at the new sewing centre 

We got another bunk bed for our at the farm today as well .  This is in one of the shelter rooms .  It was second hand but in very good shape ..  Perhaps one day one of you will be out to the farm for a few days and get to sleep in it ....


We also brought another 15 bags of cement for the #5 house .  They have started on the parging today 

All the old parging is being removed, and the entire house is being wrapped in a mesh before the new cement is put on 

The more time I spend at this little house, the more I like it .. Its going to be very nice when its finished, and I love the lot it is on as well .. it is nice and secluded , but still close to everything , maybe from now on I will refer to this house as the cottage .. . It will just need some new windows soon, about $350 will do the whole house.  It would be best to put them in while the builder is here, but likely a project that will wait until next year. 

In a few hours, Sergey and I will be heading to Bishkek to the airport to pick up our friends Dave and Zack The come to bless the people of Kyrgyzstan every fall , this is their third year.  They bring with them finances to among other things , purchase coal for families in need, and top up the garage with food for the winter food hampers .  So stay tuned over the next 10 days to see everything that they accomplish .  .. That means that we have just 10 days left before we return to Canada .. a lot of miles travelled and lots work done.. but now we are down to the wire .

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