Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If not for THE FARM where would they be ?

We began the day with a big grocery shop for the farm .  The last big shop we did there was the first of  June, and it has lasted until now.  So today we bought enough staples to make it well into the new year .  The pantry is full again .

Once things were packed away and the morning chores were finished, We made a big batch of strawberry jam .  enough for the farm for a few months, for ours, Bekah's and Jengish and Emma's apartment to carry as all throughout the winter, and some bottles for the Christmas hampers as well .  Marat was a great help, he got the fires going and maned them the whole time.  One kettle to sterilise the jars and the other for the jam

While we were doing that the others picked the last of the peppers off of the second field. We just have the second half of the first field to clear, then we will be ready to call in the tractor to plough all five fields.  Goosey has finally started to develop his big boy HONK.. like his brothers and sisters did a couple months ago.  He is rather funny .. when a honk does come out, he shocks himself and stumbles then quickly reverts back to a gosling peep. 

I was teaching some of the kids how to do decorative food carvings. I started with the right knife for the job and safety rules.   I only had three paring knives so I used the wrong knife, and just minutes in I proved my point . 

the kids were really eager to try, but most of all, they loved the attention 

Each step of the way I would do the step for them with Emma translating , then they would copy what I just did , and I would help them and reexplain if needed .   They did great, and were really proud of their accomplishment 

The reason we decided to start doing these classes is as a creative outlet for the kids .  If you notice the lovely painting started on the wall behind us ..... this was not discussed or planned.  If we are not on top of them all the time , things happen .. in fact we were all sitting quietly cutting our watermelons , and Jengish stoped , looked at us and did a head count .. hummm he says , the other two are just too quiet , I better go check on them 

Ya thats right AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, they were over at the other farm cutting down the beautiful double bloom Lilac tree at the front door ... Not the first time they have done stuff like this , the worst part is that they were proud of them selves.. almost as proud as the day they pulled the old fridge out of the house and cut the bottom off of it to make it into a dog house .. I said " But it still worked" , to which he responded , " Its ok I saved all the stuff from the bottom and the back that I removed."  .. I can not imagine how they would ever have held down a job or lived on their own. A good thing The Farm is there to help them with their LOGIC ISSUES
I can  not begin to tell you how much I want to just scream at them some times but I can't ... because They have such big grins and I know THEY JUST DID IT TO PLEASE ME. 

Fortunately for them , the coal arrived and saved the day .. I was "Abigailed" 

the culprits were so quick to get right to work filling and stacking the bags of coal in the coal shed 

But it was a nice relaxing ride home 

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