Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The way has begun !

Over the next year you are going to see a lot more information about this - 

For a long time now we have seen terrible things happening to women and young girls in Kyrgyzstan, and have many times felt helpless.   Over the last couple years we have begun to witness a small movement with in Kyrgyzstan, every day ordinary people stepping up to make a difference.  and just this fall we have even seen the opening of a women's shelter in right in Tokmok.  There is so much that needs to be done, and the resources are so limited.   The time for us to make a difference by coming behind some incredible change makers is now!. 

Three ladies;  Julie, Jody, (a friend and supporter of actofkindness & the women of Kyrgyzstan) & Acel (an incredible Kyrgyz  lady)
will be walking the Camino de Santiago , an  800km  trek over the  pyrenees mountains and threw spain to raise funds and awareness for the women of Kyrgyzstan. 

Our goal is to raise $100 000 through multiple ___athons ... walk, run, bike, horseback, motorcycle .. however you like .. the key is to get out and do it.  The  month of September will be the month that it will all take place.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be contacting many of you to encourage you to take part, and even arrange a walk or what ever in your own home town.   Like the pie challenge, if we can get multiple events going all over the world , together we will have no problem meeting our goal.    To see more information about this event please go to the designated blog    http://www.actofkindnessontheway.blogspot.ca/  
   In a couple weeks we will be heading to Kyrgyzstan where we will meet up with Acel and start on her travel visa's etc, as well we will need to get her all geared up now as the next time Julie will see her is when they land in France in Sept.  

She has found good hiking shoes, and we have had some donations  from friends of some hiking clothes for her.  Yesterday I was able to find the knapsacks for the ladies three for the price of one.. great deal. 

Over the next couple months we will need to gather up the gear, make reservations for flights, trains, visa's and some of the accommodations.    We are looking for some sponsors to help with this portion of the journey.  If you would like to sponsor one of these ladies , it would be a great blessing. 

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