Friday, February 27, 2015

had a great flight and a productive day ..

We had a very smooth uneventful trip here today .  Once again my Expedia Elite plus card got us right to the head of every line, and a confident " I have nothing to declare " got us past the customs with no problem,  6 bags. 

We were home to the apartment by 6 am .   bags are mostly unpacked, and the daily routine began.

Kamala had her class this morning .  She is teaching Russian refresher course to two girls from the US. on Skype.   

While the lesson was on, Victor and his grandmother came by for a visit.  Baktygul gave a quick blood pressure check up on his grandmother , then we brought them to the bazaar to get Victor a new suit. He has a guitar recital next week and had to have a suit.

We brought some gifts for Anya from friends in America.  She was very blessed . 

We did a bit of shopping to get ready for the team coming tomorrow .  The vehicles , the meals , the translators, are arranged, and the beds are all made.  Then we have had a few meetings to make plans with all the support workers.

We are a little jet lagged , but hopefully the team doesn't notice as they will be in their own fog.

We have a couple more  things to arrange in the morning, then we will pick the team up at 5 pm.

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