Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Update from Emma

 One of the things Emma focuses on while she is in Kyrgyzstan is those at risk kids.    For an Orphan it is just to easy to disappear, especially when they don't have anyone looking out for them .  Emma tries to keep regular contact with all the kids that we have helped at one time or another ..    One of these girls is Nastya.   We knew here from the Tokmok orphanage before it was closed and many kids scattered ... Emma has worked hard to keep track of many of these kids , not an easy task ...  Here is the update from Emma a couple hours ago  

So i went to see Nastya today, I decided to buy the stuff in Bishkek instead of carrying a big bag all the way from Tokmok, so I went shopping with Nastya. I started with fruit, but she when i started buying other things like potatoes and rice, she wouldn't let me, she said she has enough of that right now , so i bought her a book and pencil that she needed for school and some hair elastics and some dried kiwi's for a treat( because she doesn't like fish) then i asked her what else she needs and she said she has enough food, (the government gives orphans a little bit of money every month and other girls at the dormitory put all their money together and buy food, ( about $10 a month )  so she had the basics already like rice and potatoes) but she wanted a tea kettle and an iron, (for her school clothes) I hope that's ok cause its not food, but she was really happy. she lives in the dorm and those are 2 things that she is always trying to borrow from people and nobody seems to have
. we also sat in the park and had hamburgers (a treat I always get her when i go to visit her) she says hi and thank you very much

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