Sunday, March 10, 2013

It does not go away if we simply bury our heads .

Some times I just want to bury my head and pretend that the needs don't exist, but that will not make the problem go away .    There is a hospital that many refer to as" the orphanage for bad kids". it is actually a children's hospital that services the surrounding orphanages .  When children are ill , or have serious behaviour issues ... like bed wetting   ...ugh  .. the kids are sent to this hospital. Threw Sergey and Anya , we have helped a lot here in the past , with things like water to the building, food, clothes, painting and repair to the building .  It is always a difficult situation, we were not necessarily pleased with the place, but worked hard to keep a good relationship with them for the sake of the kids.  Many of the kids we know have spent time here for one thing or another .
  There is now a new director and staff there, and they are working very hard to make it a better place.  They have come to Sergey and Anya and have some needs that they would like help with .

Every now and then we have situations like this, that for some reason strike a   cord with us , and something in me says that we need to step up.  This is one of those situations .   Here is the list from Anya of possible area's to help them, along with what I would estimate would be the cost to meet the need ...

"a) spoons 30  .... $25
  b) plates for porridge 30   $45
 c) towels big 30 and small 30     $100
 d) tooth-pastas      $40
 e) toilet papers     $50
 f) fixt play ground ( some need change woods) and paint   $750
g) sheets complete  30 or more     $200
 h)  Mattresses 30 or more    $600
 i) toys LAGO a big size     $100
  j)  puzzls a big size for kids     $50
k) vitamins   We will bring some with us 
 l) some medicine  like fluu and if have temperature  $200
 m) komputer     $400
 n) priter     $100
o) fax      ?"

If you say it fast $2600 is not a lot of money , but the reality is that it is insurmountable for an already cash strapped orphan health care system  , and is also out of my price range right now , but that does not negate the importance .   It is also not necessary to do it all at once .. we can  take small bites out of this ....starting with the mattresses....

Emma has a bit of money left with her until we get back.. I have asked her to use it to order 25 of the matresses for them.  They should be ready by the time we arrive in a few weeks .  Aigoola and her girls will be busy sewing them for us .   It is my prayer that by the time we leave at the end of March, we will have the funds not only for these mattresses, but for the rest of the list to be filled.

If you would like to be a part of meeting this need, please use one of the donation options along the side of this blog . 


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