Friday, December 21, 2012

Jeremiah house has become more then just a dream !!!!

Yesterday I concluded my blog post with a quote from
  Proverbs 14 :32 
The evil of bad people leaves them out in the cold; the integrity of good people creates a safe place for the living. 

  today I think it is fitting to start with the same .

For a long time now we have seen the need for a home for children aging out of orphanages.  In fact back in 2005, Sergey was sharing his vision with us of "a safe place for living" . he said that he was tired of working and connecting with the kids in the orphanage, only to loose them when they turned 16 . I could understand him at the time as I am sure many of you understand now, but  I did not realize at the time just how hard it was .. Once we started to get to  know these kids , and they became more then just kids aging out of an orphanage, but became " our kids " I truly undrestood Sergey

Since returning from Kyrgyzstan last fall, we began actively seeking support to both help these kids when they left the orphanage and to open a home for them to go to.    We were so blessed in the spring when a sponsor came on board to help us monthly with helping these kids .  Children like   Luisa were able to go to collage, Kids like Cola were able to be helped not just for his medical needs but also medical help for his great grandmother who is trying to provide for him on her tinny budget .  Children like our young girl who was bride napped and had to be rescued and then hospitalized , had no clothes  , never mind winter clothes .. today she is doing well and she too is in college.. all because of this suport.  but it does not end there , Daily we are finding needs and situations that have needed intervention if these kids are going to make it .. right now we have three kids living with Emma and Bekah who would otherwise be on the streets.   .. The needs are just overwhelming...

Today LAMb has made some concrete steps with the help of another generous donation , to provide a home for kids like these, as well they are furnishing an emergency drop in centre for those kids who have no where else to turn to.

Today LAMb purchased  "Jeremiah house``    WE ARE SO EXCITED   this will be the difference of life and death for some kids... This just in.... , Emma is texting me right now to so say that she has Aibek ( a young boy from Tokmok orphanage we have worked with since 2008 ) on the phone and he says that he can not live with his abusive uncle any longer , and pleeese help him find a safe place to live .... He may still be a little to young for Jeremiah house right now, but its nice to know that we have some options.  this just confirms again the need.   Lynn and Ruby will work at furnishing the home and finding the right family to be the caregivers... BUT we do need your help.  We need to some how come up with about $2100 a month to operated the home and care for the kids ... please consider how you might be able to take a part in this ...

for more information about Jeremiah hgose , and to see the pictures , go on over to the LAMb blog by following this link 

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