Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas day with the Wrights

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and may you all be richly blessed in the new year 

We had a great day yesterday .   We began with a skype call with the girls and Jengish.   They are doing great. In their Christmas morning , they went out and picked up the brother of one of the Dayspring girls, and brought him to Dayspring were they all had a big Christmas Celebration. Poor Baktagool had to go to school in the morning to write an exam.....I think Kyrgyzstan dodged a bullet there ... if it had been Bekah that had to write an exam on Christmas morning ..... OH MY .. I DON"T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT... 

The kids had just gotten in from their day when we were up and ready to open stockings, so we put it on the  tv and we all opened stockings together 

Jonah is into helicopters right now , and we hit one out of the park with this batman flying machine .  believe it or not this was the least violent of all the possible helicopters  we found.. 

Ben and Rachel, and Mom  got a beautiful Aigoola blanket for Christmas from us .

Julie know how much I love coffee crisp, and found some with      50 % less calories ...yummmm

Christmas tradition for us is to be at the town hall by noon to serve a traditional community  Christmas dinner. 

There are a lot of reasons why people may be alone this time of year , or financially not able.  Every year we have people bring a small portion of the meal hot and ready to serve to the town hall.  that way no one person has to do all the cooking .. this year we had about 30 families who helped in some way .. even if it was to run a pot of mixed veggies or mashed potatoes over drop them off for us ... it all comes together to be something wonderful 

the kitchen crew 
there is a special lady that has been here faithfully since this tradition started ... behind the scenes  she organizes the dish washing and clean up.... believe me .. this is the true hero of the day in my books ....
ready to serve   .. 

and what a meal it was .   close to 100 people were there to celebrate with us .   as well we had another dozen complete family meals were put together in roasting pans and delivered to families and individuals in the area .  there were even gifts for the kids . 

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