Saturday, December 01, 2012

A wonderful Christmas Blessing

We are looking forward to another wonderful Christmas this year in Kyrgyzstan .    We are so excited that Lynn and Ruby will be on the ground in Kyrgyzstan this Christmas , and I know that our Dayspring girls will be equally blessed to have them there.  

Julie and I will not be there this year, but Emma and Bekah will be hard at it with the help of all our friends.  

I can not begin to share how thankfulness we are to all of you for the giving that has made this possible again this year .  I have shared before , but this is more then a gift or some Vitamins, it is a time when everything is amplified.. when you are alone at time like this, special holidays ,  it seems that much darker and more lonely, but  
When out of that Darkness  the "Widdow and the Orphan" are brought into the light and the fellowship with others who show them Love Hope  and understanding, their world changes, and not just for a day or two, but sometimes for an eternity...  
if you don't understand what I am talking about , watch this video from last Christmas and see if you are not touched.    

As of midnight last night , the pie challenge is officially over.  We have 12 contestants that will be taking a pie for sure ... however we will not cut off donations for Christmas in Kyrgyzstan , and  I know there are a few that are still willing to take a pie if money continues to come in.   Like I said ,  Emma and Bekah are there now, and   Lynn and Ruby will be heading over in a couple weeks .. If you would like to put a little extra wind in their sales at this time , I am sure that they will put it to excellent use .

  Julie and I will be receiving our pies in the face at a Kyrgyz picnic  in Orlando on the 15th of December .. if you are in the Orlando area at that time  and would like to join us, drop me a line and I will send directions .
Thank you again for all those who have made this a great success one more time ....

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