Thursday, July 19, 2012

Urgent request from KaraKol

I just got word from Jengish that the Orphanage in KaraKol has an Urgent need , and they are wondering if we can help. 

The kids have been looking forward to camp for almost year now.  It is the highlight of the year for them.  Up until yesterday, they had a sponsor for this, so the director Andre has not been worrying about the funds .  Now it is time for camp and the funding has fallen through , and the sponsor is not able to follow through on his commitment.    

Andre has 44 kids he does not want to disappoint .  He is asking if any of you , would be able to help out at this time .   the total cost will be $1500,   that's all the expenses  for 2 weeks .. now that may seem like a lot, but it actually comes out to $2.50 a night including food and transportation. 

I have a couple vbs groups in the US that will be raising some money that will be able to help with this , but we will need a lot more .. If you would like to be a part of something special like this, please use the donate button on the side .    There is an urgency to this, so if you can help, along with using the donate button, please email me ( ) with the amount of the donation so that I can advance the funds right away so that they don't have to wait for the money to travel through the pay pal and the banks .  Thank you so much for considering these kids .

Andre and the director introducing some of the kids to us . 

playing a game with the kids ... I asked for a volunteer, and I  got 11

I could not get a read on the expression from this boy.  

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