Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When you get as old at Talant, you have to get a burn permit before you light the candles

Davina's birthday is in a few days, so we celebrated both at the same time 

This is what happens when you leave it to two men to feed the baby 

This morning we were at the Hospital to see the new beds arrive.  We had a chance to visit with some of the students of the medical collage .. they were interested in what we are doing here .

some of the old beds on their way out 

New beds in place .. they just love them.

The cribs are a real hit as well.  

I knew it was not a career when I looked into the room and saw the new mothers and their new babies.. Its can be such an overwhelming thing to be part of such a blessing.  

I love this photo . You can see the new crib and bed with the new baby in the reflection in the mirror.

we even bought them new stools for in the dinning room 

This is the new crib that we got for the Baby hospital.  When they had older kids arrive, they had no beds with sides for them . Now they have a nice bed.
This little one was left at the bus stop.  Likely because he has club feet.  In a few days , they will have his documents in place, andd can begin the process of getting him the medical operations he will need.  It only took a word, and our friends over at operationscanbedone have agreed to help us with this need .  |If you are interested in helping out , check them out at 

We had the boys over for a visit today .  We were able to get them some food,.. a large bag of flour (100 Lb), and a large bag of rice, as well as oil, meat, and some new school shoes. 

The older , had some exciting news for us.  He has been living with an older couple that live next door to his Aunt. he has been helping them out, and they have grown to love him.   He has just turned 16 years old, and the couple would like to adopt him.  He is so happy, and would like us to come out and to meet them.

He is always so shy, and quiet, but once he started to tell us, I saw something that I had not seen in him in a long time if ever ...

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