Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More then a career

If you have never wept over your calling... it's a career!

I read this on a Facebook status this week    It is something that has stuck with me.   I have pondered it a lot.  Some times I look at all the needs around us and its hard not to weep.  There are just so many needs, and we simply don't have the ways and the means to meet them all.. There are times when I would think that is what brings us to tears, the frustration of seeing people suffer needlessly,  but I have come to realize that even when the finances are not an issue, the sting is still there .. 

The other day we were in the middle of something and the phone rang, and I took the call quietly.  Joe was there with me , and when I got off the phone, he looked over at me and said " does everything have to be complicated here ?" .. BOY IS HE LEARNING FAST .. nothing is ever easy.  He is beginning to see that from behind the scenes.  

I guess what the difficulty is , is that we get too personally invested in  the people and their lives..  Some might say that is a problem... but as I look around , and as I watch the example of others on our team, I realise that I am not alone .  I also see that someone has to attach themselves to those here who are  desperately  reaching out for help, and if not us then who.  

   This is so much more then a career.... I guess that's why we weep

 John 11:35

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