Friday, October 21, 2011

A new challenger....

We have a new challenger who is letting his name stand to receive in the face in the Christmas challenge .   Don Buchman.. 

  Don works quietly behind the scenes, but is instrumental in so much of what LAMb does.    Take a minute and read his biography.  

Donald A. Buchman, B.S.

    Don Buchman has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and is a veteran of many community and church boards.
    Don's early career was in the construction business building tract houses and custom homes, as well as agricultural and commercial buildings. His life took an abrupt turn after an auto accident in 1989 in which he received a severe spinal cord injury. This injury resulted in quadriplegia, complete paralysis below his shoulders. After this, he attended college and received his degree in 1995.
Since his injury, Don has gained extensive experience providing supportive, educational and advocacy services for persons with disabilities and their families. He has over 12 years experience in many capacities in church leadership serving as a Deacon, Men's Ministry leader, Youth Group leader, home Bible study teacher, and on a variety of other boards and committees. He is currently serving on the Board of Trustees and as a Co-Director of the Missions Department, along with his wife, Johanna.
    Don has held several professional memberships including North American Association of Christian in Social Work, Promise Keepers and the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.
    His areas of specialization are advocacy, public relations, organization and design, providing consultations and leadership training
    Don has been married to his wife, Johanna, for over 25 years. Their family includes two married sons, their wives and one granddaughter and three grandsons.  They reside in Tucson, Arizona.

Don is eager to to receive his pie.. just as he is eager to do anything that he can to make a difference in the lives of the hurting , helpless , and lost.   please follow the link RIGHT NOW ... and help us bring Christmas and Vitamins to the least of these.

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