Wednesday, October 12, 2011

another great day for the girls from Espanola

This morning Jody and Gabriel were out to see Jengish at the rehab center. It is always a great time when you go there. There is such a peace in the mountains, and there is just something about the center that seems to elevate the feeling of peace. Jody overheard the men talking about winter coming , and that they did not have shoes. Little did they know that we had been sceeming about this with Jengish, and that was part of the reason for this visit today. Jody and Gabriel loaded them all into the bus and brought them to the bazaar for some shopping. They then returned to the center for a great osh .

Then it was off to Daysprings where they took part in a Kyrgyz lesson in making Borsolk from scratch

Stay tuned to see what great things are in store for tomorrow

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