Friday, June 17, 2011

A friend is in need ..

I have sort of been off the grid for the last week. We are adjusting to the new time zone, the power outages, and trying to reclaim the house and garden from the jungle growing in around us. Bekah is off to be a Nanny for the summer for Jonah ( our grandson ) . We were on pins and needles last week when the kids made their trip to Alaska. they made all connecting flights .. not easy 4 flights and over 24 hours in the air, connecting in Moscow, New York and Seattle. This many connections on such a long journey is a challenge for even the veteran traveler, but for our four young students from Kyrgyzstan, it was an adventure they will not forget.

I have been getting ready to start posting again. there have been a lot of things happening since we left, and we have been inn constant contact with Emma and the rest of the team. I will start sharing over the next couple days. Today I was knocked back into reality... and not in a good way.

Since the time we started at the men's home, there has been a quiet group of volunteers that have been helping us there.

'They are friends of Larisa's, and when ever we needed anything, Larisa would call them. When it was time for a party and we wanted a celebration, Larisa would get them to come and sing and dance for the men... when there was renovations needed, larisa would call them and they would come and help her carry supplies.. when there was extra food needed, they would even volinteer to help her cook... they have been her extra set of hands.

I do not know them well myself, we have Larisa get the party or the event started, and we arrive part way through with our guests, then slip out before the event is over so that we can keep on a lower profile.... These are the people that we are working to elevate in there community. Yet like I say I don't know a whole lot about them .

Today I got some disturbing news from some friends who are still on the ground in Kyrgyzstan.

Dear John & Julie,

Greetings from Kyrgyzstan!

We had a great Children's Day with you all, that was a great lift of spirit for John and I. ....what a wonderful model for all.

Today, we met with Dennis, our 10th grader and his mom, Tatyana from School, through our chief accountant. Tatyana was surprised to see my John for she was expecting to see John Wright. She and her husband were the musicians for you at the village where you set up the water faucet.

Unfortunately we wish we have met under happier occasion. Tatyana came to borrow money for chemo for her cancer came back in the form of lymphoma. She previously had major surgery 4 years ago to have her reproductive system all removed. Now, the cancer is growing fast and causing pain in her legs and spreading now to her back. Surgery is not suitable for her, but chemo of some sort may help. She needs around $500 for some equipment and medicine - Her husband and her older son work in Russia and they cannot give her the money right away, may need 2 more months before they can raise the money. But she knows she is running against time.

We are short of funding ourselves lately with all the unexpected major expenses this year, still we like to help some. . John, can you also try to help her through by telling her story and her need. Of course, the even more important part is to lift her up with your prayer requests for her.

Attached is her photo. She is very slim and looks very pale and her faith in Him is still very strong and she says she believes He will heal her for He wants to use her.

God bless!

Love in Him,
Christa & John
We hear of a lot of needs, and we respond to more medical situations then you could imagine. We do not care who they are, what race religion or past a person has, we try to help everyone just the same.... BUT at times like this, when it is one of your own, it is hard. As you can imagine right now going through my head is that we were just there .. did I miss something, where we to go and see her, I have felt a nudge for some time to get this group of volunteers together and see what we could do for them... they have always been faithful, and have never in the four years we have worked with them asked for anything...

I need to do something with this , and quickly... Cancer is not something that waits until timing is right and funding is in place.. if we are going to be successful with this we need to act quickly... It may even be to late, but I an sitting here thinking about a word that came to me a couple months ago "

HELPING does not always change the outcome, but it does change how the outcome impacts those around us.

today we need to take some concrete steps to change the impact of this situation... our sister has been faithful... now it is our turn.
if you would like to help out, you can use the link below, when you review the donation you will see under purpose, "add special instructions to seller" please mark here "Tatyana chemo"

LAMb International USA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Christian charity organization. At all times LAMb International USA retains ultimate authority to use contributions at our discretion for purposes consistent with our tax exempt purposes.

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