Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby hospital update.

I have been working on a report for the Rotary club. They sponsored 23 beds for the Baby hospital and some of the cribs for the Maternity hospital. I put together a video showing the progress that has been made there in the last few year, it is really remarkable when you see the time line shortened up like this. The first time we walked into this hospital in 2009, things were so bad that the director was afraid to allow us to take any photo's. After the first round of renovations, they were not as concerned, but now, they are asking us to take photo's.
One of the dilemma's that they are facing is an incredible up swing in the number of patients that they see now. This Baby hospital is the place to go.. The rooms are now clean and well kept. the beds are better then the hotels, they have sheets and mattresses for those who need them, there is baby food for the babies that need it, and the families even receives a small welcome gift of a sweater or a new born baby pack. A far cry from the hospital we first walked into a couple years ago.

I remember bringing my friend Dave in to see the hospital . He was the first in a long line of friends and sponsors to take part. It seemed so overwhelming at the time.. the needs were so many , and we had such limited funds, but you know when you break it down into bite size pieces and be persistent, incredible things can happen.
If you watch the video you will notice that we said that there is so much more that is needed . That is true... The plumbing system is so old and the renovations we have done have just patched the real problem. In reality it looks like it will be another $10 000 to replace this . There was a time that a figure like this would have scares the tar out of me, but I have since come to realize that , "Its NOT my problem"... I would sure love to see it done, as well as 13 beds still needed to finish the maternity wing, but the reality is that I just need to be faithful and facilitate the work, and report on the progress and the completion. As far as the funds themselves.. that's not my business.. that is between one of our readers and God to figure out, but when ever either one lets us know, we will be ready to roll with more incredible blessings for the expecting Moms and sick babies of Kyrgyzstan.

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