Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going the wrong way...

Some times I get so fed up with the lost in translation thing.. Last night Altynai pulled a "You said " my response was "I KNOW NOTHING ,.. EVERYTHING I KNOW IS JUST A REPRESENTATION OF WHAT MIGHT BE FACT" I just miss so much that I have given up trying to get the whole storey.. I find the best thing if to hone in and target just a few specific facts then confirm them 3 times....

So that explains why after departing over 1/2 hour late, we find ourselves out of the car standing in a field on the side of the road,... in the opposite direction of were we wanted to go..

So finally we made it to Bishkek, no time to do the shopping I wanted to do, and went strait to a lunch meeting with a young couple that works with the blind society. They have about 250 kids that we provide Christmas for through the pie in the face challenge. They shared all the projects that they have on the go from trying to provide medical information, to training and even doing braille printing. So what did they want ? Its kids day coming up and they are wondering if I can help find some sponsors to help them to provide a small gift for the kids. Again I can't believe how big the whole kids day thing is here. Many of the other opportunities that we take to celebrate kids just simply get missed here , especially if you are from an under privileged family or an orphanage. These kids know that there is one day of the year when they are recognised. which makes it that much more important that our friends recognise them and make sure that non are left out.

We are thinking that we will try to find a place to purchase a coloring book and crayons.. I think we will find them for about $1 a kid, toss in an ice cream cone for another 20 cents, and we might pull it off.. the only thing is that we need some help even at a little over a dollar a kid, we will need over $600 just to meet the needs that we have been asked to help with .. the other issue is that it takes so long to get finances here from North America, and we don't have much upfront money left , so we will have to try to get this money in right away.. If you would like to help with this, please make the donation before Friday.

After the meeting we went to the dentist AGAIN... I am at the final stages of the new teeth.. the whole time I have been going , Acel has been going with us and we have been having her teeth fixed as well . I think that she has had about a dozen rout canals .. the poor thing.. Every time we come out of the dentist, she is feeling so bad because of the price. I have assured her that it is OK, and that before we even knew she needed this work, a sponsor had sent a donation specifically for medical needs of our friends that work so hard with us. While waiting for us at the dentist, Julie and Emma found a little Oasis in the city to wait for us and keep little Emma occupied.

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