Sunday, May 15, 2011

family day

Today was such an exciting day for the kids in the orphanages .. It is family day... we had to spread ourselves out to cover the two ends of the valley at the same time.   Julie and I celebrated with the kids from one of the Tokmok orphanages.  They had a blast. we all went out to the shashleek yurts for a picnic.  It was very uncomfortable for us to simply partake, and have the hole event arranged and paid for by the orphanage.. knowing how little they have mad this extra special for our whole team.. we were really blessed.  
   Mean while 3 hours away Emma and Bekah celebrated with the kids in KarraBalta.  They brought them chocolates and banana's ... there were three kids in particular that they wanted to see.. It had been only a couple weeks ago that Emma was involved with transferring these kids here from Tokmok, and it is important to continue the contact.  She brought them gifts from their friends back in Tokmok, as well as some photo emblems put together by some of the volunteers form the University here .  Then they called back to the old orphanage that Julie and I were with, and let the kids talk for about 1/2 an hour. 
It was such a fun day for everyone.  

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