Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just a quick re-cap on a storey you may not have seen if you have not been following long.

When we arrived in KG this spring, we met an elderly lady that has worked at the MENs home for 42 years. The previous month, her husband had passed away, and on the 40 day mark after his death, as customary here, she held a big funeral for him. When she returned to her home in was engulfed in flames from a faulty DVD player. She had lost everything . We came to see her and brought food and cloths, and told her we would help, but it was difficult to get any emotion from her.. she was just do distraught. I was amazed how her neighbours had started to clean with her, but they had all run out of resources.. and the home was far from livable That's when we brought Vlady and A gentleman we have been helping, to the home to start work.When the renovations were finished, we gathered up new furniture for her. We had lots of hands pitch in to help out,to be helped. They have all experienced what it is like to receive HOPE, today they all had an opportunity to share that home with another. we went over with a bunch of us and started cleaning the floors and windows, then we left Beksolten and Aizada there cleaning while we gathered up all the furniture. They cleaned every dish and every utensil that was spared by the fire...

Bekah suggested that the think about how they were going to get into the car... Vlady said "Don't worry" ... only to find the car was tied shut... Bekah was amused. While we were loading this up, I got a call with an incredible price for rice, one that is unbelievable, so soon I will find out what a ton of rice looks like... but not to worry, I have homes for all of it.. just wondering if I should have bought 2..
Then it was back to the apartment to bring in the furniture. Starting with the new refrigerator and table and chairs... along with the new plants, they look great.

What a change. totally unbelievable...

In the living room, she got a day bed, two new chairs, and a new carpet... The sheets and blankets will be ready tomorrow, but for now she also got a new blanket .

Bellow are our workers in action.

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Anonymous said...

Good work Bekah. Grammy has a broom just like that waiting for you when you come home. Now that I think of it - you gave me that broom. Love you!