Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dom Rashdenia

English class started at 9 this morning over at Paula's apartment. Altynai needed help with a speech she was preparing for school. After class , the girls walked back to our apartment for lunch with Aigula's family. They picked up some lepyoshka, (round bread) on the way over and Judy and Paula got to look inside the tandur (clay oven) to see how it's made. After lunch, we went to Bishkek for a birthday party for Alymbek, Vladik, and Sabira. We went bowling and then out for supper. We had some time to kill, so we went for a walk to a war memorial statue that is a common place to get pictures taken. Everyone had a great time bowling and then we went to the restaurant for super. It is a new restaurant, and the owner is so nice.. Judy even got a tour of the kitchen before ordering.  The tables were set and ready for us, and they even had 4 servers for us... this we might get in Canada, but here in Kyrgyzstan, no mater how big your group, you only get one server.  After supper we sang happy birthday to the kids and gave out presents.. We even celebrated the birthday of a friend of ours who could not be here today... It was a nice day of fun and sight seeing.  

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