Saturday, March 27, 2010

So while I was banished to the bed room, the ladies had a great time in the living room...They loved the Hot Chocolate.. something that they can not get here.....

We had opportunity to encourage them... Jody was able to really connect with them all in a special way

Ainura was here today as well... This was nice for the girls... they were so happy to see her . For those who do not remember her, she is the young lady that was loosing her sight, and thought that she was going to be blind with in a month... We made arrangements to have her operated on, and were able to save her eye sight... After the rest of the ladies went home, we talked to her about having her eye's checked and new glasses... it has been 2 years now.. she was so happy... she says that she was so thankful for our help that she was afraid to say anything...

Tonight we gathered all our workers and took them out for supper at a nice restaurant.. They were all so blessed ... We started off by welcoming everyone, then we did something that was really special.. Jody had brought with here some beautiful cards that were copies of paintings of her moms.. She had friends of hers in Canada write letters of encouragement in each card... We went through the cards, and matched up the letters with those that they would suit the most. We then added a small paper gift into each card...

Jody , Julie, and I took turns handing out the cards and giving a public encouragement to each of them... we shared with everyone what there special traits were , and what makes them so valuable to the team... What was really neat was that when Julie said that the next card was for our driver Isar, Everyone started to clap and stand up... they were all so blessed that he is included and all have been recipients of his willingness to work hard and his desire to help..

By the end of the night, the music was getting pretty loud, but we all had a great time... This was a wonderful way for The girls to say god buy to our friends..


It started snowing tonight here, so it looks like we will head to the airport at 1:30 rather then 2 am.... Lovely!

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