Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"We're In This Together"

You take the good , you take the bad, and there you have....!
As We are preparing for the next trip, we are busy gathering up all the little things we need to fill our bags... Vitamins, cold meds, creams, hot chocolate, and so much more.. I have been hearing from all our friends with their small requests...ambasol, cold sore cream, formula, school supplies ... but then there is Larisa... she sends us an update... .. I think she must have taken some sort of management training at some point. I was taught that when you have something bad, you give .. +,+,-,+ ... here is the letter you can read for yourself

John we received money .Thank you
We bought iron for press bedclothes because lice everywhere and
Medicine from lice , sewing machine, thread, needles and other for sew all necessary for invalid house.
Thank you from all man they very glad.

We have good news .
Girls have heart disease perform an operation.
Now she is at home.
She is well.
She isn't pant now.
She play, smile, glad , eat normal and speak .
For her necessary second operation.
I Thank for your support because she now live .
Thank you for support. They give you regards and wait you in guest.

We serve for one family ,Yong mother her name Mira. She ill cancer of uterus. terminal cancer. She have tow children.
We are very disturb .
We buy for her food ,fruits, vegetables.
They live poor.
John if you could bring medicine from cancer for her .We need support for buy for her all necessary.
In Kyrgyzstan haven't normal medicine.
Now she is at home because doctors said cure waste of time ,money, etc.

Now We have room in invalid house for homeless person. We asked director one room for homeless person . Now they can't freeze .We brought them things .in invalid house give food.
Today there are 8 homeless person .
They very ,very glad.

You show you this things when you come

Good by.
We wait you .

"If you could bring medicine for Cancer with you" .... I just do not know how to respond to that... Once again, that is so far beyond what I am able to do... I would not know the first thing about what kind of medicine she would need , let alone the dosages, and whether I could even get it across customs... We will most definitely do what we can do, and I will have her taken to one of our Dr friends there to see what is needed. Her request appears off the top as being so unrealistic, but then who am I to say...Is it any less realistic then many of the requests I bring forward on this blog... like $8000 for projects over the next few weeks in country... or the idea of coming away and leaving Emma behind .... I guess the way it all works is the amazing thing here... you see it's simple not up to me... we are all in this together.... now I digress... It reminds me of a song my son wrote called "we are in this Together" In fact maybe I will close with that..(or open with it... depending on where it shows up... because I am not going to spend any more time fighting with Blogger about it .hahaha) I will post a You tube video from a group here in Canada that is using his song as their theam for this year....

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