Friday, July 17, 2009

Larisa and Tanya update.

Some times I like to re post correspondence from our dream agents just as they arrive... Maybe it's only me, but I feel more like I am there with them when I read the accent into the letter... Besides, I think their spelling may be better then mine. Here is Larisa's letter this morning...

Hallo blessing family Wright . Please forgive us that last week didn't write.
I was not internet and my computer was broken.
We experience together with you your sorrow. And your grief stayed for us not someone else. ( I had not shared with them about the passing of Julie's Mom while I was there) We love you and remember about you.
John how is your health? How are you doing? How do you spend summer time?
John you so much worked in Kyrgyzstan, You was not even time for rest.
Please care about yourself and about your health.

We have good news. We wish you to please.
Men from the invalid house good,
But for one of these men the happiness waited.
Its big dream in his life to meet the parents.
We "spoke" with him..
He believed and hoped.
Larissa has written the letter on republican TV (maybe someone Can knows about this
But doctors have told that he haven't parents.
When he was born parents have left him in maternity home, then children's home,
+ +.after in invalid house.
Has passed 25 years and here the Divine miracle.
In TV have heard its surname and say his mother.
3 Day back they came in invalid house to met with him.
And soon it will take away home.
One person from invalid house now happy
He cried with happiness and would speak to all men that "spoke "
will hear.
He has a great faith
The Heart rejoices.

We so happy, what even it is impossible to transfer words.
Men say you hallo and ask about you. And
We with men on the serving "speek" for you and your family.
and always speak you thank you for your care for them Are very grateful for
All well shaved and pure.
Hairdresser Sasha is especially happy to work in very comfortable hairdressing
All people from village come to look at a hairdressing salon.
Give hallo and many thanks all who care about invalid house from all
of us.
Thanks all those people who opens the heart for them.
Now woman Nina happy and joyful.
And she eats the tasty meal heated in a pan like a person....
And today she not to need to ask meal in the Bazar and to ask food and money, or eat from garbage .
We have brought woman Nina to the house for elderly.
She very was afraid to go She does not have any documents and the passport to live in house John could you help finance for Her documents 60$

Dear Julie thanks you for your care and thought of this child Arafat.
Earlier he was very silent and closed, but today this child very active, plays
with other children and rejoices lives.
And when he eats meal , meal does not come in his nose now.
The Family send you big regard and wait you in guests.
They thank all those who helped to finance operation.
The head (Akim)of our area sends regards and especial gratitude.

John thanks you for help for girl Sasha which sick heart.
Anya gave me the money
We ask that you remember for it.
I spend some money buy vitamins and food.
When her mother has learnt that for its child money it has given much cried and
could not believe that so can occur
but then
When her mother has learnt that for her baby sponsor give money ,she cried and could not
believe that somebody could give the money for her child.
And she thought that her daughter would have died .

Thank you John so much
I have got from Anya 200$ please could you write for which my plan I could
spend this money.

Good by
Larisa and Tanya.


Unknown said...

Hi John and Julie,
I ran across your blog and have been enjoying reading about your work in Kyrgyzstan. My wife and I have been taking teams into Central Asia for the last 5 years. This year (we leave on July 23) we'll be doing a summer camp for an orphanage near Lake Issyk-Kul.
Blessings to you!
-Rick Allen

Julie and John Wright said...

Hay Rick... I would love to hear more about your trips... you can email me off blog if you like... my adddress is
we have some friends there now, another going over on the 28th and I will be there in the end of September .

Anonymous said...

Larissa and Tanya,
I love you all the more.
May your joy abound all the more as your heart and hands continue to touch lives for us too.