Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And... their off.....

This is a very momentous occasion for Aigula ...... This is the next big step in stability for her family. It was not that long ago that we first met her and her family when the 5 kids first moved into the orphange. Life for them has been a series of ups and downs, but with the support of so many of you, every up is a little higher then the one before... Today, through a project spearheaded buy a group in Colorado, Aigula has officially started her mattress making business.
Her she is with Anya as they unpack the new sewing machine.
It gets the thumbs up . Then it's off to load up all the quilting for the first 30 mattresses . (blessings for other families that will be able to afford to eat now)
Beksolten and Anya help bring supplies into the house .Now for the rest of the materials ... Aigula carefully checks her list ...And it's down to business for Aiperi and Aigula as they begin production ....Anya stops buy to inspect the finished product.... she is our quality control... They pass the test, and now off to the orphanages , invalid homes, seniors homes and hospitals..... stay tuned for those photo's .


Hilary Marquis said...

How wonderful for EVERYONE! Congratulations to Aigula and the kids! (and of course John & Julie for getting the ball rolling again!)

Cindy LaJoy said...

Loving it John! Will pass it on :-)