Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another one of my hero's

Many of you will recognise Larisa here on the right , she is my friend that works with the people from the dump, from the little village where we put the water in, she is the person that heads up all the work at the invalid home, she is the person that works with a lot of the families and seniors that we support. Larisa is the person I go to for documents for people we are helping, and it is Larisa that brought us to the seniors home for the first time... is it any wonder that she is a friend of another one of my hero's .. Vera here on the left is an amazing women.... When I first met her, she was working our of her apartment trying to provide for the needs of those in her village... When we first spoke with her she had a dream on opening a centre in the centre of the village where she could provide meals for the needy, as well as build a playground for the children... a place where they would be safe, and would have someone that would care for them.
It is just over a year later, and she has that centre. An investment was made in her dream, of just over $7000. the centre is now full to capacity. Daily, Seniors and kids from the village come for lunch, and those that are to sick to make it that day are visited in the afternoon... She has also developed an incredible children's program. The summer program provides a safe place and a watchful eye for a couple dozen kids every day. She has a dream of expanding the building, and that is now possible... I think I have shared before that the building attached to her's has just come up for sale, and can be purchased for $6000. If any one was looking to work some very GOOD soil , this would be the place...

I did just get word that Vera has had a set back the end of her leter she writes "I had problems with health ...Необходимо urgent treatment which costs 200дол.. I Require prayerful support for healing and financial maintenance."

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