Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Julie keeps telling me that this mess is bigger than some of the ones that we take on over seas!
This one is my mess. 13 years ago when we moved here, there were a couple of things that were on the top of the to do list......the bathroom needed to be renovated, and the roof needed to be replaced. I guess if we had not been traveling so much, we could have afforded it a little sooner, but things finally reached the point that we really had no choice but to get it done before we left this winter...if we wanted a house to come home to........ but I probably didn't need to start them both on the same day! Well it has been a long couple of weeks, but we now have a nice new steel roof, and the bathroom might have running water again by tomorrow night. I have even had one load to the dump. Once I have some after photos, I will post some of the before and afters.
Another project on the go was to get everything together for our passports. The girls never had any and Julies and Mine expire shortly. I heard horror stories of 4 hour line ups and 3 months to receive them back.... well the line up was about 2 min. and we received them to our door in 3 business days. .... I wish the renovation was so easy!


sammyweltenpi said...

Johnny! That looks like an XYZtreme Makeover!
Looks like it is coming along!

jef said...

Just droppin by, Sir to say Hello. Hope that your little act of kindness, of making a difference that is---will go a looong long way.

God bless you always!