Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost for words

This little girl spent last winter inside! Maybe in time, the memories she has of life in the dump will fade. Maybe in time with the ongoing support from our friends in town, she will have a chance at a good life. Buying them a home was good... it was the right thing to do. The renovations and home makeovers were a blessing to those we helped. The kids at the orphanages had fun, and more importantly know that we love them!.....but as memories begin to fade, others begin to surface.

I remember standing at the edge of a toxic dump, throat closing up and eyes burning from the smell. seeing families huddled together.........It's not good enough to sit back and talk about the great things that we have done....not while there are still lives in the balance......... That's why we are going back.......Can you help?...Can you spare even one dollar ? can you tell a friend ? please follow this link,
Thank you for partnering with us. Together we CAN make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great blog John! So inspiring I have donated a $1. I will use my network to gather as many as I can and get them to sign on.

A Pumped Person! said...

It is catching John...just read the latest update...c'mon peeps....join the "fantastic frenzy"