Wednesday, May 16, 2007

@#%!# Bird !

"Not appropriate language" you might say... well you have not met this bird. Let me introduce you. This is Buddy. He is a part of our family and when I am on the road, He is the alpha male! He rules the house. he controls the Cat and the dog, he is chauffeured from one room to the next by the girls, and he keeps Julie under tight reign. You would think that it is endearing to have a pet speak and know your name, but not when it is so demanding. For the most part, if you give him everything he wants, he is happy and behaved, but he is also possessive and gets jealous as well as embarrassed if you laugh at him, all of which leads to a bite! This means that when company comes he must be kept in a cage which makes him mad and he screams.

The dilemma we are now facing is who do we pawn him off on while we are away? If anyone out their knows of a parrot rescue in Central Ontario that would look after him for us, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Honey, you have to bleep out the bad word. Our site should be children friendly. Your daughters are not impressed. Love you tons and can't wait to see you tonight.

Alice Ellerby said...

Me thinks Julie is 'wright'
Hmmm - wonder if our cat would be willing to look after the parrot.
(maybe not!)

Dave said...

I will take care of your bird!!

Julie & John Wright said...

If thats Dave W. I am sure you would "take care him" the problem s that the girls would like him back when we get home.....Alice, don't you like your cat?