Thursday, February 08, 2007

The world just got a whole lot smaller ...

Many of you will Recognise my friend Sergi . This is a photo of him at the amusement park in Central Asia when we brought the kids from the orphanages . Along with my sales job, I work night security at a car lot. Well Sammy asked me if I had instant messenger so we could do a little work with the sponsorship over the Internet at night. So last night I officially entered this new realm. I am a slow typer and a lousy speller, so it is a little laboured, but I am sure I will get the hang of it. Well David letterman ended, and so did my conversation with Sam. Then on came Sergi. My Russian is very poor, and the spelling is un recognisable, and although Sergi's English is coming along, his writing is difficult for him. Our conversation was very stifled, but just knowing he and Anya were on the other end was nice. Then my lap top started ringing like a phone and a screen came up and said would you like to talk to Sergi. I clicked on the screen, and there we were . Now this may not seem like a big deal for some of you, but it was such an unexpected blessing to me. We had a nice visit for about a half hour.
Well call is over, and I am back to sitting on a quiet lot watching the snow fall, and thinking of memories this unexpected blessing has stirred up.
You know we are literaly a world apart, from completely different cultures, but when I herd his voice say "Allo Jun" , I new I was talking to my BROTHER

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Anonymous said...

Johnny, There are few in this world that have a unique perspective of how life in this world should be, you continually impress and bless me with your vision and passion. I am sure Sergi was truly blessed with your time together, as am I anytime I am in your presence. Share the vision Johnny, you are an inspiration to all of us,


Dan :)