Monday, February 05, 2007

Child sponsorship in Central Asia ....Now a reality

From the first time I entered into an orphanage in Xxxxx, I have had a desire to see some form of child sponsorship in place. That dream is now a reality. It is now official, and in one week from today, Possibilities International will be revealing it's new child sponsorship program. P.I. will be focusing on destinations where they not only send teams, but have a network in place. For now, they will be in Central Asia, Xxxxx, and Guatemala.
I am sure that this endeavor has turned out to be more work than Sammy originally anticipated, But I am so excited that he persevered. With the excellent network of workers in Central Asia, from administrators and translators to support workers, we have the confidence that any seeds planted here will be in GOOD SOIL. Along with the workers in Central Asia, P.I. conducts regular short term trips into the area, to visit the children first hand.
So often people ask if there is anything they can do. Through the child sponsorship program,they will be able to make such a difference in the lives of so many.
On another note, It looks like the remortgaging on our house will go through and the finances are in place for our six month stay this time next year. A year is a long way off, but we wanted everything in order so that we can concentrate on helping YOU make a short term missions trip a reality.... Perhaps you could come and spend a week with your sponsored child.

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