Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Give me one good reason why we can't adopt.

Several years ago now, Julie and I were in Xxxxx. Our first day at the Orphanage, there was a little boy that had just been brought there by the police. His mother was caught selling him in the market for what was the equivalent to a cup of coffee. This little boy very quickly grew into our hearts. Knowing that they had a policy of no adoptions from Xxxxxx , we resigned ourselves to the fact that we could not bring him home with us. It started to bother me so I spoke to someone there, and asked why we could not adopt. In my mind I had a rebuttal for every reason.... I thought.... I was told that they use to permit adoption a few years before this, but the government did a survey to determine how the adopted kids were doing after a few year. What they found was that many of the adopted children had been used for their body parts.............!

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