Monday, February 05, 2024

The impact of your footprints .

Over 20 years ago at the Havelock Church, we got the call to missions.   Several years ago that church closed, but reopened as a church based community centre.  It is incredible to see how much the foot print of that centre in the community has grown. In that same time period, the work we have been doing in Kyrgyzstan has continued to grow and leave a footprint in the communities around us .  We are excited to share that on the afternoon of Sunday  March 3 we will be having an open house at the Havelock Centre to share the impact of the last 20 years , both here and there . 

We have some friends from 20 years ago in Havelock as well as  some newer friends who will be sharing with coffee house style music. As well we will be serving Coffee and Tashkent Tea along with desserts. 

We would love to see you there . 


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