Tuesday, February 20, 2024

911 How can we help you ?

Last week Julie and I had a meeting with someone about the possibilities of a team of paramedics coming to Kyrgyzstan to do clinics and first aid training .. I was reminded how great this would be  when this mornings reports started coming in . 

Today was a difficult day for some of our friends .  One of our Babushka's that Tanya helps has had a stroke. Fortunately Tanya was doing a wellness check and found her and was able to get her in an Ambulance and to the hospital.   

Out at the farm one of or neighbours had a fall on the ice and we think he has fractured his pelvis.  He was able to call Sergey and the boys for help.  They were able to get a stretcher made with some blankets and mattresses and loaded him into the back of our bus and get him to the hospital and stay with him for the day to help him get the care he needs.

Tanya is staying close to her lady as well and wrote me with this request .  

"John wanted to ask help for grandmother . Which we help with products.. do you remember her. You invited her in cafe when Sam came with team..

She is now in the hospital. She has a stroke. Says bad, right hand and 
leg moving very bad, pressure 200, diabetes mellitus 20... All medicines for treatment very expensive her pension was not enough. a tomogram of the head of 2500 som, she needs a device to measure sugar, a tannometer and medicine, a bucket for the toilet and various medicines for treatment.. Could you help her. Her needs is 15,000 com... ($235 CDN)" update , this need has been covered thank you 


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