Saturday, July 15, 2023

Day 9 ... by Zac

Bishkek. The capital city. Beautiful morning drive through the mountains. Our first stop was to tour a kids group home that the Wrights have partnered with.

One of the adults there creates with the kids in a woodwork and cnc machining shop. We would be meeting up with some of them later on that day. 

 In Bishkek was also where the nurses on our team were able set up their first medical clinic of the trip. It was hosted at one of the churches, and if my memory serves me correctly there were about 50 patients.

 All the ladies on the team helped out, lunch was provided, and there was also a teaching session.

 While this was going on, the boys met back up with the older half of the kids from earlier, and treated them to a fun day away from the house. We had a bowling tournament (Greg plays for Team Canada you know)

We then went for gourmet burgers. And listen y’all, when your server brings out plastic gloves for everyone to wear you know that lunch is gonna be a messy endeavour. 

 We had a chance to do some shopping that afternoon before ending up at yet another beautiful venue. Photos don’t do it justice so I’m not even going to add them to the montage, but when I say the banquet and facilities were better than most wedding receptions I have been to, I’m not exaggerating. There were times on the trip where I truly felt spoiled, humbled, and honoured all at the same time. Walking into a huge party yurt made me speak “I am definitely underdressed.” It was a fun and relaxing meal, and we also got to celebrate Dastan’s birthday plus meet John & Julie’s daughters mother in law who would be travelling back to Canada with us.

Back on the farm 

The guests are having a great time.  They have set up their tents down on the farm where they can get some shade 

I received this great picture of the farm kids enjoying a picnic with Vlad and Sergeys families 

We continue to deliver vitamins that the team brought to the more vulnerable .


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