Friday, July 14, 2023

Day 8 ..... by Zac

Lots of 📸, not many words. We spent the day working at the Kashar. This was probably the day that we most looked forward to the hot springs…you can mentally push through extra physical labour when you know there’s 103• water waiting for you to soak in and stretch your muscles.

 25 holes dug, and posts started to go up. The retaining walls also began coming together/being formed. This was a memorable day for me because of how much time Sergei I got to work together. He is the  one that all the boys report to for their ongoing duties, and was foreman for all these special projects.

Gotta say this: Sir, you are an absolutely amazing guy, your family is beautiful, you love what you do, and I would be thrilled to work with you again any time 🖤 Sergei took us up on the invite to join us at the hot springs…but only on the promise we’d go back and forth between the cold and hot (didn’t realize that would mean 7 times in and out 😂)

Back on the farm

We managed to raise $250 for the food hampers for Vera to bring with her when she visits the kids from her school.  We will be giving her this money in the morning .. If anything else comes in before then we will add it to the funds for her . 

Up at the kashar, the scout troop has being doing a great job.  The have finished and backfilled the retaining wall and moved the extra dirt. They have also finished the lower half of the fence. 

Tomorrow is a day off for them and they will hike up to the mountain lake (hahah not my idea of a day off )


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