Thursday, March 02, 2023

On the road again

Julie and I are preparing to hit the road today .  We will drop my mom at the airport with my brother , then tomorrow morning we will head for Florida . We will be speaking at The Well Church at Fort Myers .  We will be in town for a couple days , if you are close and able to make it out we would love to see you . 

We celebrated Angola's birthday this week.  She is doing great , and loved going out for lunch with the girls from Bishkek. 

Here is some great news .  Ruslan had asked if he could attend driving school.. School has been difficult for him in the past but we decided to let him go for it .  Well when he registered he did not just register for lessons for a G licence , he signed up for all sizes and classed of vehicles.. nothing like reaching for the stars .. Yesterday  he picked up his Licence .. that's right he has passed the courses ..We are so proud of him, not just for getting the licence but setting out a goal, working through it and completing it .. Good Job Ruslan 


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