Thursday, December 15, 2022

Update from Tanya

Here are a few updates from Tanya as she continues to  help some families sponsored from the 12th day of Christmas in the wish book .

"Hello John.!! How are you ? Very cold now in Kyrgyzstan. We were at the bazaar with a young mother who has two children and will soon have two more..... Mom and children told you a lot of thanks that you taking care of them in difficult times, helping them bought warm clothes and a phone... It was unexpected for them that people who did not know them can help.... The children didn't have warm shoes, no warm gloves, warm jacket, no warm pants and a hat because mom alone care of them... And mom haven't warm hat too That day at the street was -15 C when we bought them clothes the children shouted that they were frozen and couldn't walk... When we bought everything and the children warmed up and were happy, cant believe.. Very thankful to God that gave this family to help them. I told them that God takes care of them through people you don't know and that these people live very far away, but it is important for them that you are warm in winter . They were very happy., Their mother said that their relatives do not need them, and others care..."


I am not normally a person that thinks little kids need a phone, but in this situation, the mother works a lot and the oldest boy looks after his brother and he wanted a way to be able to be in contact with his mom .  My last phone the screen was broken so we were able to get it repaired so we could give it to him . 

This is a very happy family tonight 

 Another happy family was the grandmother who now has clothes for her grandchildren .  At school the teacher would chastise them for not having winter clothes but she did not do anything to help . 

"Hello John. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy warm clothes for children. Тomorrow children can go to school and not be afraid that the teacher will scold and children will laugh that there are no normal clothes. They are now have new winter jackets, warm hats, mittens, warm shoes, pants... Thank you so much to you from Grandma... She told many good words for you.. Today she was so happy that children have warm new clothes .."

We are still looking for sponsors to help with the Christmas parties in the orphanages and institutions, as well as food hampers  if anyone would like to help, please use the donation button on the top right side of the blog . 

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