Friday, December 09, 2022

The Long Way Home

Julie and I arrived at the airport at 6:45 am to find out that our flight had been moved to 3:00 pm due to the smog conditions.   This meant that we would miss our connecting flights in Istanbul to Montreal, so they would send us to a hotel in Istanbul , and the next day because there was no flight available to Montreal, they would send us to Toronto , have us spend another night in a hotel and fly us on to Montreal Friday morning .  But since I was not able to change our train ticket, we convinced them to let us out of the airport in Toronto and we got a ride with our Daughter in law from the airport home .  so all in all we were only about 5 hours late getting to our home . 

  I bought a new phone in Kyrgyzstan and before I left I did factory reset and left my old one as a Christmas gift .. not with out forgetting to take my Canadian sim card with me .. Wen we landed and I got reconnected, I had lots of messages ..Vlad and Sergey had been busy with more coal and clothing deliveries. Tanya had been working on some of the Christmas wished that had been sponsored and sent me an update as well 

Hello John. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy warm clothes for children. Тomorrow children can go to school and not be afraid that the teacher will scold and children will laugh that there are no normal clothes. They are now have new winter jackets, warm hats, mittens, warm shoes, pants... Thank you so much to you from Grandma... She told many good words for you.. Today she was so happy that children have warm new clothes ..

Along with the updates I received from Vlad, I also received messages from some of the individuals we sent coal to.  

"Thank you so much for your kind soul God bless you and your family. "

I also got word that the tuition was paid for one of the boys that contacted us for help.  He wrote me as well to say 

"Good afternoon, Mr. Wright. Mr. Vlad called me. Thank you so much! Tell me if you have some job I will help. " 

We are home now.  Getting settled in and getting the house opened back up, unpacking and running some errands. 

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