Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Blessed to be a blessing.

It was such a great day for so many people today.  All around the valley families received coal and food.    We have been so blessed. So many of you have come forward to help us making an impact.. We know that we are blessed for one reason.. So we can be a blessing to others .  Our team has worked tirelessly being the catalyst to be that blessing , and through it they have experienced  great blessing 

There are just so many people who due to the covid restrictions have been out of work and after 11 months, and savings dwindling, the numbers of people in need is growing.  
We have about 500 more bags that the boys are bagging up today,  This has us caught up right now but I am sure that more needs will come forward .

In the city our folks we also busy packing and delivering groceries . 


along with these food packages , we have also added in some extras like vitamins, clothing and blankets.  

Tomorrow they will be delivering to the homeless shelter and picking up the gas stove for the orphanage .  

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