Thursday, January 14, 2021

A change of plans

 Things never seem to go as planed... We had two big things for this week, both of them needed to be changed or altered.  The first was a visit to Svetlyi Put to confirm some needs and get re acquainted and bring some food.  This had to stop when we learned that 4 of the children have covid right now.  We have been able to get bank deposit information for the schools tuition payments so Kamal will take care of that.  

Also we have talked with them on the phone to determine what is the best gas stove. We will work on that and then have it delivered with some food .  We are still hoping to raise about $1000 so that we can get them some cheep lap tops or computers so that the kids can do remote learning.  

The next hickup we have had is that we had ordered 30 tons of coal that was going to arrive on the 10th.  At this point it has not arrived and there does not seem to be any anywhere.   we do have a few tons ahead for the green house .  We can borrow from that in an emergency but are praying that the coal will soon arrive.  We are also looking into purchasing more wood that can be used in place of coal.. It does not burn as hot or last as long , but it will keep people from freezing to death. 

We are making arrangements now for more deliveries to the homeless and then orphanages next week .. The baby orphanage, the children's treatment center , Chui and red river orphanages and the homeless shelter .. We will confirm with them each to see what their greatest needs are .   

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