Monday, February 24, 2020

A little mix up

I want to start off by saying that lot of prayer and petition and thought goes into what we do.   Many times we feel called  in a direction with no idea what the kingdom consequences will be. We just know that we are to be obedient to the calling.  At the same time we are careful not to move too far in any direction until the finances are in place.  Do you see my conundrum ?   We have a few fundamental beliefs here ..

1. We MUST move in the direction we believe has been assigned to us ,
2. "Our assignment is NOT tied to our finances, our finances ARE tied to our assignment ".
3. We are to be fiscally responsible with funds received.

Its easy to say "take a leap of faith" , but when you operate close to the wire all the time, and many of the funds we have are designated, we need to continually walk the balance and not loose sight of where we are standing financially.  Like I shared in a Previous post , we are going into this next year about $4500 behind , you can go to the post to see the break down. And as I look ahead, there are some areas that we firmly believe we are being called to or should we say assigned to us .

Lets take for example Tanya , (Larisa's Daughter )  When Larisa passed away, we felt a call to replace Larisa's salery for Tanya and her Grandmother for the period of a year to give them time to figure out what the new norm would be .. We received the assignment , shared it and with in a day the funds were in.  Over the year, along with the monthly support, we have started to work Tanya into working with teams, as well as humanitarian aid projects including coal deliveries .. Well that year is almost up, and so is the support money.  We have decided that we are going to sit down with Tanya and discuss continuing her support for another year , and at the same time give her an additional $100 a month budget to continue the work. As well we will begin including her more in the Humanitarian Aid  work that we do . 

We have other areas that we are committing to as well because it has been assigned to us .  Many of you know Nick .  5 years ago he was trying to figure out what he should do .. He wanted to take some form of schooling that would "help the family business"  No he did not go to school for business , or for agricultural studies or even finance, he went to school for Psychology.  Not just any school, he went to American University of Central Asia , a campus of New York's Bards Collage. In a few months he will graduate with his BA.    We are going to bring him on in a bigger role as our social worker for not just the kids on the farm but with the families we support. Again, This assignment is not tied to finances, but the finances are tied to the assignment. 

Yesterday something was pointed out to me .. You see, since the finances are tied directly to the assignment, and they are already there .. its just that there seems to be a small mix up....... There seems to be about  $10 000 in the wrong bank accounts right now  .. Like I say just a small mix up.

Please help me to put the word out and see if maybe we can locate those funds and retrieve them in time .. because we are moving forward.

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