Monday, April 15, 2019

a busy weekend at the farm

Last weekend we put the yurts up.  I had a great vantage point to offer some instructions and keep track of the 61 guests we had join us for the day.

While some where puting up the yurts, others were busy making the ploff.

great meal enjoyed by all 

it was nice to see the kids from one of the orphanages that we do stuff with .. the boys on the farm love to spend time with them 

Dianna came as well to see the farm . She is hoping to get into the University in Tokmok and then stay at the farm weekends and holidays 

On their way home from the bazaar 


Julies cow Carol-Anne had a calf a couple weeks ago and she is producing more milk then the calf can drink, and this is her first calf so she is not very used to us milking her.  So Sunday we got her a second calf. She came right over to the truck to claim the calf as soon as we got to the farm. 
We sold 3 of the geese and bought 11 more babies to go with the one female goose we kept .

Our big Turkey died a week ago, so we got a new male turkey since the females are all starting to sit so they need a male .. He is a little smaller then Hans was but he is a showman like Hans 

So Julie says that  in one day we arranged 7 marriages and facilitated 12 adoptions .    

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