Monday, January 28, 2019

First week on the road

We have been having an incredible trip through the US.  we broke free of the snow by the third day of travel.   Great turn out at AP church in Cincinnati.   

It was great to see Vladic there . He is attending school in Cincinnati this year, 

We have been traveling only a short ways between stops, I think the average is
 2 1/2 hours , then we stop and meet up with friends and sponsors 

 We feel so blessed and are reminded how big a roll all of you play in what is going on in Kyrgyzstan.  It has been extra special for us to meat up with so many of the kids from Kyrgyzstan like Charlie above .. we had the honor of being his first baby sitter more then 10 years ago.

In Alabama we got to meet up with more friends.  I think the last time we saw them was about 6 years ago at a Cracker Barrel as well. the picture below is the last visit. 

We are settled at Destin Florida.  We have spoken Saturday night and Sunday morning , and will be concluding the message on Tuesday night at New life Church in Miramar beach .  

 Along the way we have been blessed to see that the fundraising thermometer for the truck is climbing .  We are up to $6000 and just a thousand to go.   As soon as we get the old truck and hunter sold we will be ready to buy the new truck. 

Vlad is renting a truck again this week , it may be his last time 😁. He will be doing a delivery of food to three orphanages as well and some more wood deliveries, and some supplies to the farm.   I will have some pictures soon . 

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