Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Team Northview on their way

 Today a team is departing Canada on their way to the farm .   We are so looking forward to having them here with us .  There days will be filled with work around the farm, and helping and encouraging our kids as well they will be doing some special days at several orphanages and seniors home. Some of the men from the mens home will be coming to the farm for horse back riding and a picnic. and then of course there will be back to school shopping trips . It will be a fun and exciting time for everyone.  But as you look at the size of the team, we face some small logistics like toilets and showers .   

In the spring we started adding an extra shower room and a toilet room , we have even pout in our own back up water suply for when the water is not running in the village, which often happens when we have groups.  Then the existing shower needed to be replaced 

We have also finished the inside of the rooms we started in the spring 

I have been trying to get the farm vehicles fixed in time for the team .    This morning I was with no car and had to go to town.  One of the mechanics was nice and offered me a loner car while mine is being fixed .   I think the team will love this .  

I think it might actually be a step up from the car we had for Sam to drive the last time he was here 

Today was another harvest day for the hay.  We got another 350 bails today 

Julie was doing some gardening and was able to get the rock garden under control .... a bit 

Tomorrow the team will be in the air and we will be making some last minute alterations on the farm and doing a great big grocery shop.    

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